fall edition


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Benny rodrigues

ferreck dawn

high soundsystem

16:00 to 00:00


patrice bäumel

henry saiz

Video Impression


Corona related information

Underneath we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions. In case an answer does not fullfill your needs or if you have more questions  please don’t hesitate to contact info@50-hertz.com

If in any case an event can not happen due to the  corona measures at the time, we have the opportunity to postpone the event forward. We hope our guests will support us in this proces to move the experience to another date. 

You may enter the boat at 16:00 and the boat will leave 30 minutes or 60 minutes after (depending on the location). We will return at 00:00. The exact location and time to board will be send to all the ticket buyers before the event. 

Yes! Like for every event this summer, you will need to have your QR-Code scanned at the entrance in the Corona Check App.

There are three ways that you can get a valid QR-code. 
1. If you are fully vaccinated.  
2. Through a recovery certificate which you can get if you had corona in the last 6 months and were tested and documented by the GGD. 
3. If you get a negative test result within 24 hours prior to the event. You can make an appointment at Testen Voor Toegang or by calling them at 088-7770809

More info on everything related to the QR-Code and the Corona Check App can be found here!

You can get your tickets at our Eventix shop, by clicking any of the “GET YOUR BOARDING PASS” buttons at the event sections above. After an event is sold out you can only re-purchase tickets on Ticketswap. 

We suggest that you won’t jump off the boat.